In line with the new health regulations of the Federal Authority, we inform you that our individual counseling sessions are held by phone or videoconference only.

It is required to make an appointment calling 022 797 10 10.

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The cycle of violence

Violence is not constant in the relationship but it reoccurs. It can appear in outbursts, interspersed by periods of apparent calm. We call it a cycle of violence.

  1. Increasing violence: The abuser creates a climate of tension (complaints, accusation, rough gestures).
  2. Explosion: The abuser attacks psychologically or causes bodily harm.
  3. Justification: The abuser excuses these violent acts as being caused by external factors (work problems, his or her partner's "bad behaviour").
  4. Honeymoon: The abuser ceases these acts of violence, seeks forgiveness and promises it won't happen again.

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