Prevention & Communication

In Geneva, one woman in ten is currently a victim of intimate partner violence.

Often these women have not yet realized that they are experiencing intimate partner violence or they are ashamed to speak about it.

For men, who are principally victims of psychological violence, becoming aware and taking the step of getting help can be even more difficult.

Our mission is to find the right words to give out the best message, which is more likely to provoke a realization and to have the courage to ask for help.

Awareness campaigns directed at the victims are paramount. Those that address professionals and the broader public just as much. Because it is often from those closest to the victim that information is received, either directly or indirectly, by the victim of intimate partner violence.

It is often through a friend, a neighbor, an employer, or a member of the family that our clients become aware of our services.

To do this, we run targeted campaigns through different means such as flyers, TPG advertisements, or cinema trailers. We engage with various groups of professionals and centres of training and universities. We also propose to the HR departments of companies a training module. To sum up, we are willing to respond to the various diverse requests of any association, club or corporation etc, to speak of the issue and our activities.

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