Intimate partner violence?

A test to fill in for yourself or for someone you know


My partner…

 uses obscene language and gestures when adressing me


You are not probably a victim of intimate partner violence but someone in your network might be. You now have the keys to recognize this situation and you can help them by passing them to contacts of our association.

You are probably affected by psychological violence: This includes insults, humiliation, threats, destruction of goods, being prevented from coming and going freely or meeting people that you want, and harassment.

You are probably affected by economic violence: This means that your partners prevents you from, or forces you to work, does not contribute to household expenses in line with their salary, takes your salary or your money and deprives you of the power to take decisions on shared finances.

You are probably affected by physical violence: Physical violence starts when there is a bodily attack intended to intimidate or harm. This means to push roughly, slap, punch, kick, bite or burn.

You are probably affected by sexual violence: Sexual violence includes being forced to look at pornography, or to submit to, or engage in, sexual acts or intercourse against your will.

If you are affected by intimated partner violence, you should contact our association to have a better idea of your situation.
This test is a guide, but not a tool that allows a diagnosis of your situation.

Note: Intimate partner violence is where the abuser imposes a relationship of dominance. Episodes of violence can occur repeatedly.