What you can do in a situation of intimate partner violence

Between separating or continuing to accept violence in your relationship, you can act in different ways to change the situation.

Act for yourself

  • Start individual therapy
  • Engage in leisure activities
  • Do exercise
  • Have some relaxing moments
  • Reinforce your self-esteem and confidence

Act on your relationship

  • Start a couple or family therapy
  • Be more sure of yourself and state your opinions
  • Live separately
  • Share the parental tasks
  • Ask for a restriction order

act on your social connections

  • Contact professionals
  • Go and see your family
  • Contact friends or colleagues
  • Have your own mobile phone
  • Get involved in an association, community or religious group

Act on your financial independence

  • Start a training
  • Look for a job
  • Open your own bank account
  • Find out about your right to welfare
  • Be responsible for your own finances

Act for support from third parties and authorities

  • Ask another person to be present during a risky situation
  • Call the police
  • Enforce your right to leave the home
  • Commence legal measures

Our team is available to consider and discuss the most appropriate actions for your situation.