Continue to change your life

Certain actions taken to reduce violence within the couple cans lead to positive results.

"Now I have the support of my friends and colleagues I am no longer afraid."

"I got in touch with a specialized service and I know that if the violence starts again, I can react and ask for help."

"I feel that my child is in a better place now that we have talked about these violent events."

But it can sometimes happen that there are negative consequences.

"I explained the situation of violence to my relatives, but my family and my friends don't understand."

"I moved out but my ex-partner continues to harass me."

"Rights to have contact were provided, and unfortunately my children got caught up in the conflict and speak rarely to me."

This step is therefore important, as it can plunge you back into doubts and questions over the merits of your actions.

Our team can help you consider how you go about changing your life.