Your rights

Two options exist to address the situation of intimate partner violence:

Civil law which deals with separations, divorce and everything that relates to the division of assets and financial aspects, from accommodation to parental authority over the children.

Criminal Law deals with serious offences and reporting of acts which constitute intimate partner violence in all its forms (psychological, physical, sexual, or economic).

Certain forms of domestic violence are serious, others are pursued only if the victim makes a complaint. In that case, the complaint must be made within three months.

It is not easy for victims to know if they should start these types of procedures.

Here are some common worries:

  • Hurt your partner
  • Worry the children
  • Confront the judgements of others
  • Increase the violence
  • Not being believed

And other common expectations:

  • Stopping the violence
  • keeping children safe
  • being no longer afraid
  • that justice takes over

Specialised services for victims such as Centre LAVI or AVVEC are available to inform you of the possible procedures according to your situation and to help you determine the best option for you.

If you engage in legal procedures, it is advisable to have the services of a lawyer.