Intimate partner violence

Intimate partner violence goes on within a relationship. It comprises a number of acts, words, and behaviours committed by one partner on the other, which affects that person's physical, mental or sexual state.  The abuser is intending to exert power and domination over the other, and the abused person feels coercion and danger.

All types of relationships can be affected (heterosexual, married or unmarried, LGBTQ). These forms of violence can impact people of all situations, from the wealthy to the disadvantaged, young or old, Swiss or foreign.

This violence is not always present in the relationship, but it repeats over time. There can be a cycle of violence and it can take different forms.

Seek Professional Help

As a first step, you should seek help from a professional (psychotherapist, social worker), who will listen without judging and help you understand what you need.

Our team is able to help you better understand what you are going through.