Different forms of intimate partner violence

This diagram shows the escalation of violence which appears generally in this order over the course of a relationship. Economic violence can come about at any point in the relationship.



"my partner calls me a loser"

Psychological violence

This could be: insults, harrassment, humiliation, threats and destroying personal property.


"my husband hits me"

Physical violence

Among other acts, it could take the form of : roughly pushing, slapping, kicks and punches, biting, burning, wounding with a weapon or an object.


"my ex published nude photos of me"

Sexual violence

This could be being compelled to look at pornography, submitting to sexual acts and intercourse without having given consent.


"Every month, I have to give my husband my paycheck"

economical violence

This occurs when your partner prevents you from working, or makes you work, does not contribute to the household in keeping with their revenues, takes your money or excludes you from decisions about shared finances.

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