Remote consultation centre

Our remote counselling centre just opened its doors.

Born from the experience imposed by the sanitary crisis, this new service is addressing all the victims who wish to be supported but cannot physically come to our centre for various reasons (for example: problems of mobility, work schedule, child care or partner’s monitoring etc.)

It offers a psychosocial support to victims of intimate partner violence equivalent to the face-to-face sessions in our Montchoisy centre. The consultation is preferably conducted by videoconference and after ensuring the person is installed in a place where she/he can feel safe.

It is to be noted that the two types of consultation can be combined as a remote therapy can at times be held face-to-face depending on the needs of care.

You need help? You want to know more about remote consultation? Call us on 022 797 10 10 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2pm-5pm).

Individual counselling