Intimate partner violence is young people's business too!

29 January 2019

In partnership with FAPPO (Fédération des associations des parents du post-obligatoire), our association launched its Youth and abusive relationship campaign in a joint conference organised by the DIP. Ms Anne-Emery Torracinta, conseillère d’Etat in charge of Education presented the programme of her department in the field of gender equality and intimate partner violence.

Thanks to the DIP, we can offer in secondary education schools our programme « Intimate partner violence is young people's business too!» This project is built around an exhibition  of 14 posters and 5 video clips made by students of the CFP Arts. This exhibition will tour in several schools (high-schools, professional schools and commercial schools). Our Directress, Ms Béatrice Cortellini will provide classes with interactive workshops. The aim is to explain to the students what is intimate partner violence, to stress the specificities of this violence for a young couple by answering their questions, and to inform them about the legal dimension of the problem.

Interested in this programme? Please contact Mme Elise Jacqueson Maroni ejm (at) avvec (point) ch