In line with the new health regulations of the Federal Authority, we inform you that our individual counseling sessions are held by phone or videoconference only.

It is required to make an appointment calling 022 797 10 10.

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Mother-Child Counselling

In situations of intimate partner violence, children are never spared, with the mother-child relationship severely impacted. For this reason, we propose a safe space for mothers and notably their children to express their preoccupations and anxieties about what they are going through.

Your donation will allow more children to receive targeted help !

We appreciate and thank you on behalf of all who benefit from your support.

CCP 12-2961-6

IBAN CH 15 0900 0000 1200 2961 6

Banking details: «Mère-enfant(s)»

AVVEC is considered to be of public benefit, and donations may be tax-deductible under the law for public contributions (LCP).