In line with the new health regulations of the Federal Authority, we inform you that our individual counseling sessions are held by phone or videoconference only.

It is required to make an appointment calling 022 797 10 10.

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If you need to leave home

This is what you need to prepare:

  • Your personal belongings
  • Your childrens' belongings (change of clothes, favourite toys, school books and papers,etc)
  • Money and valuable objects
  • Essential medicines for you and your children
  • As many official documents as you can gather:
    • ID cards
    • Family booklet
    • AVS card
    • Bank cards, cheque book, savings book
    • Work certificates and salary slips
    • Insurance certificates
    • Medical statements of any violence you have been subject to
    • Any document in relation to steps you have taken to deal with the violence
    • Any document that establishes your domestic financial situation (bank account statements, regular bills, debt statement, property purchases etc)


It is better to take children immediately and to then contact the Service de Protection des Mineurs (SPMi).

If it is an emergency and it is impossible to take everything you need for yourself and your children, you can request that the police accompany you to retrieve them afterwards.

Contact us for support.