After maintaining our support to victims of intimate partner’s violence during the lockout, we are pleased to inform you that face to face individual counselling is now available again at our Montchoisy centre.

It is required to make an appointment calling 022 797 10 10.

We welcome you in compliance with all necessary protective measures.

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First steps toward a legacy

You can also support us via your Will, by citing AVVEC as a beneficiary.

According to Swiss law, you can apportion to AVVEC:

  • up to 37.5% of your estate, if you leave a spouse and descendants;
  • up to 50% of your estate if you only leave descendants;
  • up to 50% of your estate if you only leavea spouse;
  • up to 100% of your estate if you leave neither spouse, nor descendants, nor father or mother.

Writing a Will and Testament in Switzerland is very simple, you need only write it in full in your own hand, date it and sign it, for it to be valid

If needed, your specialist advisor (notary, lawyer, etc.) will be able to tell you how to proceed.

AVVEC, being recognised as of public utility, does not pay taxes, and the allocations made under your Will are not subject to tax.*


*Subject to the applicable tax laws in overseas jurisdictions.